How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost?

In preparing for the new year, you probably have a list of home goals you’d like to accomplish. Maybe you’re looking to do a renovation, or maybe you’re finally committing to tackling that lengthy to-do list. Either way, when it comes to home insulation, we’re ready!


If you’re considering a remodel or ready to better insulate your attic, spray foam is a great option. One of the most common questions people ask about home projects is, “How much will this cost?” When asking this question, people should consider a multitude of different factors that can affect the cost of spray foam. Similar to other building and construction projects, products, quantity, labor, and geographic area can influence the price.


Spray foam is an investment; it’s best to compare options that focus on quality and longevity. We realize these types of investments often come with a higher price, but long-term savings on energy bills will help offset the cost.


Factors that influence the price of spray foam insulation include:


Type of Spray Foam

Is your project using open-cell or closed cell spray foam? While open-cell is typically less expensive than closed-cell spray foam insulation, both types of spray foam have their own strengths and weaknesses–so just because one is cheaper, doesn’t mean it will provide you with the same results. You also need to talk to your specialist and see what your project needs.


How many square feet of a space are you planning on spraying? Is it just one section of a home or business, or does the entire area of the new building need to be sprayed? Obviously, the bigger the area, the more expensive the investment; however, the bigger the investment, the bigger the return on the investment is too.


One of the quickest ways people tend to think they can save on home renovations is through the DIY method. Spray foam is not a DIY project and requires a certified professional for installation to ensure it is done safely and effectively so no problems arise in the future.


With all these factors and more, it’s important to understand that the cost of spray foam insulation varies. Each of these values change based on your location and the company you are using. While it is tempting to “put a band aid” over your issue of insulation by going with a quick, often cheaper option, it’s important to realize the greater upfront investment will result in larger “dividends” that spray foam insulation pays back immediately. Long-term, spray foam insulation will provide a return on investment that will be surely appreciated.


If you have questions about exactly how much spray foam will cost for your property, it’s best to call a trusted contractor, like us at MPI foam, for any of your Triangle and Wake County Spray Foam needs.



*Article Updated December 2021

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