When you are improving or making renovations to your home or business, comfort, health and energy efficiency is probably at the top of your list. Did you know that spray foam insulation is an easy way to ensure all of these things and more for your property? When you work with the insulation experts at MPI Foam, we protect you and your home or business from outside pollutants, moisture, noise, high energy bills and more.

Our Raleigh insulation professionals work with two types of spray foam:

Whether your main goal is to save money on your utility bills, seal your home’s crawl space or create a sound barrier in your home, MPI Foam can find a spray foam that will work for your property.

Spray Foam Insulation & Its Many Applications For Your Raleigh Property

As energy costs continue to rise in the Raleigh area, you are going to want insulation in your home or business that you can trust will be long-lasting and efficient. For this reason and many more, spray foam insulation is the choice for homeowners and business owners across Raleigh, NC:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Blocks air infiltration
  • Creates a sound barrier
  • Expands to fill gaps
  • True R-value
  • Permanent – doesn’t sag or settle
  • Seals the crawl space
  • Increases structural integrity (closed cell)
  • Acts as an air barrier
  • Inhibits mold, mildew and bacterial growth

Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems in Your Raleigh Property

Proper design and sizing of the HVAC system is necessary when installing spray foam insulation. The high efficiency of spray foam insulation requires a reduction in the capacity of the system. If the mechanical system is not properly designed for foam insulation, it may short cycle, causing decreased comfort levels and increased energy bills. MPI Foam will work closely with your HVAC contractor to ensure the system is properly sized.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free estimate on any of our spray foam insulation services.MPI Foam is proud to provide spray foam insulation to homes and commercial properties in Apex, Morrisville, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest and surrounding areas in NC.

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