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The History of Home Insulation

From the BC years all the way to 2019, we have all had to keep our homes insulated somehow. Follow the insulation journey starting with the bricks and straw of the ancient Egyptians all the way to the spray foam insulation we have today.

How Spray Foam Insulation Impacts Lifelong Savings

When considering switching to spray foam insulation, it is important for families to consider the long term effects the investment will have on their future. For many reasons, spray foam insulation is better for your health and comfort, but have you considered how much better it is for your savings account? Here are just a…

4 Risks Associated with Traditional Insulation

Water retainment Traditional insulation has been proven to retain water. This not only reduces the functionality of the insulation, but it can damage your home and contribute to mold growth. However, spray foam insulation is commonly designed to allow water to pass through it, thus preventing any moisture retainment and making it easier to repair…

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Open-Cell Spray Foam vs. Closed-Cell Spray Foam

Whether you’re looking to reduce energy costs or keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature, spray foam insulation is the way to go. Once you’ve chosen to go with spray foam, it’s time to decide on which type of spray foam insulation will be best for your property. At MPI Foam, we install…

House Insulation and Soundproofing

  When it comes to insulating your home, sound may be a part of the decision-making process, especially if you live in an apartment building, on a busy city street, or if you’re planning on working from home with loud kids in the other room.   Does house insulation help with soundproofing?  In general, any…