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6 Insulation-Related Questions to Ask Before Buying a House

Are you house hunting?  We know that the home buying process can seem overwhelming and you may already feel like you have a lot of questions to ask before buying a house. Before you seal the deal and put in that offer, don’t forget about these insulation-related questions to ask before buying a house. We also provide…

Myths about Spray Foam Insulation

There are a lot of misconceptions about spray foam insulation. From its safety to its effectiveness, people always seem to be questioning if it is a good option for their home or business. The MPI foam team is here to bust all of the myths and guide your decision-making process. Here are 8 myths you…

The History of Home Insulation

From the BC years all the way to 2019, we have all had to keep our homes insulated somehow. Follow the insulation journey starting with the bricks and straw of the ancient Egyptians all the way to the spray foam insulation we have today.

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Exploring the Latest Trends in Spray Foam Insulation Technology 

In the evolving landscape of construction and home improvement, insulation technology stands as a crucial player, constantly innovating to meet the demands of energy efficiency, sustainability, and comfort. As we move towards a greener and more efficient lifestyle, staying informed about the latest trends shaping the insulation industry is essential.  At MPI Foam, we pride…

Maximize Your Energy Efficiency by Insulating Your Garage

To save energy and make homes more efficient, insulating your garage ceilings is a good way to begin. This simple yet effective upgrade can have a significant impact on overall energy savings and comfort levels.  At MPI Foam, we specialize in insulating garage ceilings with both open-cell and closed-cell spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation…