Spray Foam Insulation Can Improve Your Commercial Building

We all want the comfort of home brought to work…but did you realize that dream could become a reality? Spray foam insulation isn’t just for homes–it can improve the comfort, energy efficiency and air quality of your business or commercial property.  Customers from Raleigh, NC to Richmond, VA are turning to MPI Foam for all of their insulation needs for the following reasons:

  1. Promotes energy efficiency. Spray foam is the best insulation for air sealing your business. Open-cell foam has an R-value of 3.4 to 3.8 per inch, while closed-cell foam has an R-value of at least 6 per inch. These R-values are the highest of any insulation available to business owners today.
  1. Provides an air and vapor barrier. MPI Foam’s insulation is great at fortifying walls, floors and ceilings within your commercial property. This means less noise, fewer odors and a more consistent temperature. You will be amazed at how much you will save on your monthly utility bills and your employees will be amazed at how quiet it is.
  1. Adds structural integrity. Spray foam is an incredibly dense polyurethane material that is bonded tightly, allowing for an extra layer of protection for your building. While adding that extra layer, one of the biggest benefits of spray foam insulation is its incredible durability. As long as you own your commercial property, you should never have to replace it, barring any unforeseen major structural damage.
  1. LEED certification. MPI Foam can help you achieve your desired level of LEED certification. As certified installs of NCFI, Henry, Demilec and Gaco Western spray foam insulation, our products and services offer LEED points in several areas.

If you are ready to increase the functionality of your commercial property, contact MPI Foam today. We would be happy to give you a free estimate on any of our commercial spray foam insulation services in the Southeast.

MPI Foam is proud to provide spray foam insulation to commercial properties in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and beyond.

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