Symptoms of Needing More Insulation

As the fall and winter months roll around, everyone’s immune system takes a small toll, and many people wake up getting colds or even the flu. Internal temperatures rise and fall, your sinuses feel congested and somehow still runny, and it just takes so much more energy to get everything done that needs to get done. These signs are similar to those your house shows you when it’s defense is low and when it’s insulation needs replacing. Replacing insulation is extremely important and necessary for you and your whole family in order to keep warm and protect you (and your house) from some other unlikely company. The symptoms of needing new insulation include:

  • Changing Indoor Temperatures

According to ENERGY STAR, 20% of heating air moving through a home is lost to air leaks and poor insulation. Oftentimes, this poor insulation is the result of a shift in insulation in attic areas and crawl spaces that has been allowing cold air to enter the home, or let warm air escape. As opposed to just adding more insulation to certains areas and hoping things will get better, ensure air sealing and high-quality insulation through spray foam insulation.

  • Drafts

Different from simply temperature, when there is a lack in blockage between any outside air and inside air, cold drafts can occur throughout your house. Sometimes an open window or door can causes these, but if all of these are closed and you are still feeling a “breeze”, it’s time to check on your insulation.

  • High Energy Bills

If there is a constant change in temperature and drafts running through your house, your energy bills are probably peaking to amounts you never considered. With outdoor weather temperatures finding ways into your home, the heater has to work twice as hard to try and find a balance and a comfortable temperature. Save some energy and time (and money for the upcoming holidays) by looking into spray foam insulation that can cover and fill holes you didn’t know even existed!

  • Mold, Mildew and Wet Insulation

Have you thought about if those more-frequent sneezes are the result of a cold or poor air quality? That leaky ductwork, dirty air filter and mold have been hiding from you and your faulty insulation. Air sealing and spray foam insulation reduce many air quality and mold issues by controlling air-flow and moisture, ultimately reducing dust, mold and mildew. Oh, and did we mention if batting insulation becomes wet (which can cause the issues above if not taken care of), there is no salvaging the material? That’s why we recommend spray foam insulation that doesn’t absorb water–even if it’s open cell.

If these symptoms didn’t persuade you to upgrade from your current insulation issues, consider that new, spray foam insulation can also help prevent pests, ice dams, cold floors and more. If your house is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, spray foam insulation is just what the doctor ordered. That doctor also recommends taking care of the issue as soon as possible. Here at MPI Foam, we are here to assist you through your spray foam insulation process.

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