Stay Cool This Summer With Spray Foam Insulation

Summer months in North Carolina can best be summed up in two words: hot and humid. Having the proper insulation during summer can cause a lot of benefits. It’s no shock that July and August are when we start to notice the energy bills skyrocket. Spray foam insulation plays a key role in maintaining the temperature of your home. It can even help save energy when you leave for vacation. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading!


How does spray foam keep my home cool?

Insulation acts as a barrier to exterior temperatures. It shields your home from extreme heat as well as extreme cold in the winter months. During summer, insulation is what helps maintain the temperature of the home. Closed cell spray foam is one type of product we offer which works great for both interior and exterior environments. The foam is able to get in all the hard to reach nooks and crannies, creating a tight seal to keep moisture and air out (or in). This is why your AC unit does not have to constantly be running to keep your home cool, as the insulation keeps the cold air inside while blocking hot air from entering.


How does proper insulation save energy when I’m away?

Proper insulation helps your home save energy when you’re on vacation because it regulates indoor temperatures. When you’re out of the house, your home does not need to be kept cool. If it’s not already part of your routine, consider changing your thermostat before heading out on vacation. We suggest bumping up the thermostat in order to conserve energy. You can increase it during summer months up to 85 degrees! However, we recommend not pushing the thermostat above that as electronic devices and furniture may not fare well in extreme heat. The bottom line is, the less you run ceiling fans and air conditioning units, the more energy your home will save. Bonus: You could lower your utility bill up to 30%!


Other tips to keep your home cool in the summer:

– Use blackout curtains and/or keep blinds closed

– Adjust ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise

– Keep windows and doors closed during the day

– Use the exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathroom fans

– Invest in a programmable thermostat


If you’re melting indoors this summer, give us a call at 844-MPI-FOAM. We’ll be happy to come check out your home insulation and evaluate if there’s an issue with your home insulation.



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