Is it Time to Re-Insulate Your Home?

Home Reinsulating

Most homeowners aren’t aware that insulation loses its strength over time. And some homes are missing insulation in critical areas altogether!

The longer you own a home the more you realize things break, wear down, and need fixing. We can see most of these things as they began to deteriorate. When a pipe bursts, you know it. When the paint wears off, you see it.

But how do you know when your insulation needs to be dealt with?

  • 1. Visual Inspection
  • 2. Check temperatures
  • 3. Examine the utility bill



Visual Inspection

Heat and cool air loss happen largely in the floor and attic spaces. It might be obvious to the naked eye if you need to redo insulation.


Crawl spaces

If you can, grab a flashlight and find an entry point to your crawl space. Duck down and see what is between the joists. You will most likely see batt insulation (often pink, yellow, or white fiberglass with a brown paper backing). If it is sagging, compressed, or missing altogether, then it’s time for an upgrade.

The same goes if you have a basement. Look up. Is there something between those floorboards? If not, consider an upgrade to spray foam insulation to keep from losing energy.



Many attics have either batt insulation or blown-in cellulose/fiberglass. Sometimes cellulose or blown in fiberglass will be added atop batt insulation. Cellulose will look like shredded paper and is usually grey or brown and the blown in fiberglass will look white.   

This material can lose its insulative properties in a place with humid summers, like North Carolina. It can settle down and become less effective. If you can see joists poking up past the insulation you may need an upgrade.



Check Temperatures

Our bodies naturally tell us when we’re too hot or too cold and we self-regulate. Insulation helps a home regulate temps, too! When properties are too hot or too cold, it may be time to re-insulate.


Too Hot in The Summer

A well-insulated home with a properly sized air conditioning unit should be comfortable even on the hottest of summer days. If you are blasting your AC but still can’t get relief from the heat; you probably need an insulation upgrade.



Regardless of how windy is outside, the air should be still inside the home. Both open and closed-cell insulation do a superior job of sealing in conditioned air and keeping out the wind. If you are feeling moving air inside, then get an insulation inspection.


Fluctuating Interior Temperatures

It’s normal for the temperature outside a home to change dramatically throughout the day. A home that is sealed up tight will do just the opposite. Consistent interior temperatures indicate good insulation. Changing temps inside your home could indicate your home insulation is failing.


Wet, Cold Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

Interior walls, floors, and ceilings should be room temperature and dry. If you touch your walls that face the exterior and feel moist or cold, then something is amiss. Make the effort to test the ceiling. Damp ceilings mean the attic space is getting too moist. Which means the insulation is getting compressed.

This is where spray foam insulation shines. It keeps the entire attic from getting moist in the first place. Unlike traditional insulation, which allows the attic to heat and cool, and only protects the ceiling.



Examine Utility Bill

If you’ve already done a visual inspection and checked indoor temperatures but aren’t sure you have an insulation concern, it’s time to see your utility bill.


High Energy Bills

Compare your utility bill with the neighbors. A higher-than-normal bill can indicate leaks and cooling systems that are overcompensating for lack of insulation.



Get an Inspection

Having a trained professional inspect your home is by far the easiest method to get an idea of what needs to be reinsulated. Our experts are ready!

Set up a visit with us—we will come to your home and do the dirty work of getting in the crawl spaces and attics. When we’re finished with our inspection, you will have a better idea of where you may need to upgrade your insulation.


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