How Spray Foam Insulation Impacts Lifelong Savings

When considering switching to spray foam insulation, it is important for families to consider the long-term effects the investment will have on their future. For many reasons, spray foam insulation is better for your health and comfort, but have you considered how much better it is for your savings account? Here are just a few reasons why spray foam insulation can have lifelong impacts on your savings.


Monthly Energy Bills


Investing in spray foam insulation has proven to save a highly significant amount of money per monthly energy bill. Spray foam seals nooks and crannies that air tends to escape from, which is what makes their R-value so high. In fact, compared to traditional insulation, spray foam insulation is actually 24 times less permeable to air infiltration. Since an estimated 56% of energy used in a home goes to heating and cooling, increasing the efficiency of your home’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system can save huge amounts of money (up to 20% of your energy bill) every month–and those savings accumulate fast.


Less Maintenance Costs


A major reason homeowners everywhere are switching to spray foam insulation is because it is built to last. Its indefinite lifespan allows homes and businesses to go years on end before needing to think about replacing it. Spray foam insulation can sustain its high-quality performance for 20+ years, which means you rarely have to worry about reinvesting more money into your insulation, unlike traditional types of insulation that require frequent maintenance.


Additionally, spray foam insulation saves home maintenance costs (and potential health costs) because of its high resistance to mold. It is water resistant, deters the growth of mold in general, and is also made of an inert polymer that doesn’t provide any source of food or living space for bacteria or mold to live off of.


Lower Roof Repair Costs


If topped with a protective, reflective coating, spray foam insulation can create a “cool roof” effect. Cool roofs are lighter colored roofs designed to reflect sunlight and maintain a lower temperature than traditional roofs. Additionally, since spray foam insulation doesn’t require metal fastenings or nails, the amount of thermal shorts and bridges (that can reach up to 180 degrees in the summer) are reduced and help maintain lower temperatures inside. This option not only helps in the reduction of air conditioning costs, it also protects the roof in general, extending its lifetime and saving costs on potential roof repairs. If insulated correctly and checked every 10-15 years, your roof could last 50+ years.

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