How Insulation Can Shrink Your Carbon Footprint


On April 22, the world will celebrate Earth Day: an annual holiday that pays tribute to planet Earth and shows support for environmental protection efforts. On this day, we are reminded to think critically about the size of our environmental footprint.

For most Americans, this includes the energy that is used to heat, cool, and prevent damage in our homes. Though often not considered, each person’s energy usage has a big impact on the environment in this way. The energy that we emit into the world around us affects how great or small our carbon footprints are.

How energy efficient is your home? Are you noticing temperature inconsistencies, water leaks, or pests and critters? If so, it is likely time to add insulation or replace existing insulation–trust us, the benefits are worth it:


The Environmental Benefits of Insulation


Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Properly installed insulation will benefit the environment as well as your wallet. It is estimated that the average homeowner can save 15% on heating and cooling costs (11% of total energy costs) by adding insulation in attics, crawl spaces, and basements. That’s 15% back in your wallet and less energy draining the planet.


Prevent Damage to Your Home

When a home isn’t properly insulated, it is much more vulnerable to outside forces. Good insulation greatly reduces the amount of insects, critters, pollen, water, and humidity that can enter into and harm your home. Rather than waiting until one of these instances occurs, homeowners can act preemptively by having their homes and insulation inspected.


Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Poor insulation causes heating and cooling units to be run at their fullest capacity to keep a comfortable temperature, as air is quickly escaping (even more so in summer and winter months). With good insulation, air is kept inside the home, taking much of the burden of temperature management off of your heating and cooling units. The less these units are used, the less energy is used. And the less energy is used, the smaller your carbon footprint will be!


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