Here is Why You Should Hire a Spray Foam Professional

Not Your Next DIY: Why You Should Hire a Spray Foam Professional

In an age where HGTV is filled with home reno shows and online influencers show others how possible it is for the average human to DIY all home fixes, we’re here as your trusted spray foam insulation professionals to keep you safe and your homes insulated. Spray foam insulation isn’t a do-it-yourself home renovation project we recommend taking on because there are too many varying factors that influence what type of insulation, where to insulate, and how to insulate properly, keeping the health of your family and home a primary concern.

Avoid Insulation Issues

One of the main reasons people decide to take on home reno projects is to attempt to save a few bucks. We get it—home projects can be pricey! However, a botched DIY job usually costs more money and time in the end to fix everything. When it comes to DIY spray foam insulation, we often see the following issues:

Cheap materials or wrong materials

Paying for cheap fiberglass insulation isn’t the way to properly insulate your space. In fact, when opting for fiberglass because it seems like a cheaper option upfront, you may be overlooking the benefits of spray foam insulation, including those provided by spray foam insulation kits. Remember it’s important to weigh the initial cost with the efficiency of the product.

Not knowing the right amount of insulation or where to put it

Exterior walls (crawl spaces and attics) and interior walls have different needs for insulation. It’s critical to evaluate where you need insulation in your home and how much is necessary. Utilizing closed cell spray foam or open cell spray foam in appropriate areas can make a significant difference in your home’s energy efficiency.

Hire a Spray Foam Insulation Expert

MPI Foam has a team of trained and experienced spray foam insulation experts. On average, our sprayers have over five years of experience in the industry, along with semi-annual trainings to keep certifications current with insulation trends and new products. Additionally, our staff is incredibly knowledgeable on insulation materials to be able to help educate homeowners on the proper insulation needed for their homes.

In your next home reno project, if you’re curious about insulating your space give us a call for a free consultation. Our team is ready to answer your home insulation questions and provide you with a solution to fix your insulation needs.

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