6 Insulation-Related Questions to Ask Before Buying a House

Are you house hunting? Before you seal the deal, here are some questions to ask about the house’s insulation–and what you should know about the answers.


1. How old is the house?


If it was built before 1990, its insulation may be insufficient and you may need to install more.


2. What kind of insulation does the house have?


If the insulation is Fiberglass or traditional insulation, is it the original insulation? If so, does the original fiberglass have formaldehyde in it?


3. Is there insulation in the exterior walls?


4. Does it meet current insulation codes?


5. Is the crawl space sealed?


It is so important to upgrade to a sealed crawl space to get the unit and ductwork all inside the envelope.


6. How much insulation is in the attic? Is it spray foam?


It is also just as important to upgrade to spray foam in your attic to get the unit and ductwork all inside the envelope.


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