Why Spray Foam is Better than Traditional insulation


When you think of home insulation, what comes to mind? Some people think about traditional insulation–the puffy pink matter that they were always advised against touching to avoid skin irritation. While this insulation is arguably the most common, many people have not heard of many better options of insulation, especially Spray Foam. So what exactly is Spray Foam? Well, it’s basically taking essentially a plastic and using it to create more energy-efficient insulation.

But why is it better than traditional forms of insulation?

1. Better overall insulation & energy savings

The actual anatomy of Spray foam keeps air from coming in and air from going out, while traditional foam allows air to pass through and therefore contributes to good air leaking out and bad air coming in.

2. Adaptable to changing building codes and standards

Spray foam better meets ever-changing building codes, whereas traditional insulations are constantly having to be replaced and reevaluated.

3. Better fills and seals any given space

Spray foam expands to fill hard-to-reach cracks, gaps, and spaces, while traditional foam doesn’t perfect fill those spaces leading to massive air leakage

4. Spray Foam Insulation Doesn’t hold water/rejects moisture

Spray foams are engineered to either allow water to pass through or reject water all together where as traditional insulation can retain water and therefore contribute to mold and mildew growth and other long-term unseen damage. Also helps prevent odors from leaking out.

5.  Lasts Longer

Spray foam has a longer shelf life while traditional insulation settles and therefore needs to replaced

6. Spray Foam Insulation Creates healthier air

Sspray foam helps reduce the amount of dust, allergens, and pollutant entering the airstream in your house where as traditional foam can actually contribute to these things causing allergies and other respiratory issues to worsen.

7.  More eco-friendly

Spray foams are made up of environmentally safe components whereas traditional insulation may contain several components harmful to the environment such as formaldehyde in fiberglass insulation. Spray foams overall reduce your carbon footprint.

8. Spray Foam Insulation Rejects pests

Spray foams are more likely to prevent rodents, termites, etc. from building nests and spreading whereas traditional insulations are easily torn apart and lived in by pests.

9. Saves you money

Your energy bills go down with spray foam and you will get a higher ROI than with traditional insulation.

10. Noise Reduction

Spray foam acts as an excellent sound barrier, a benefit that traditional foam does not provide.


If these reasons haven’t fully convinced you to switch to spray foam, or if you have more questions regarding the process of installing spray foam, give MPI Foam a call at (844)-MPI-FOAM or visit their website at (https://www.mpifoaminsulation.com/). For more than 10 years, MPI Foam has been one of the leading providers of insulation services in North Carolina; let them provide their services for you.

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