Myth Busting: Top 3 Myths on Spray Foam

Myth #1: Spray Foam insulation is dangerous to have in any household because of chemicals and does not meeting air barrier code requirements.

Spray foam insulation is just as safe as commonly used fiberglass insulation. The idea that spray foam insulation does not meet air barrier code requirements is false. Closed cell spray foam meets air barrier code requirements for American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, the International Code Council, and the Air Barrier Association of America.

Myth #2: Spray foam insulations only benefit is that it helps control the temperate of your house.

Spray foam insulation offers more than just energy efficiency for your house. It also adds additional support to your housing structure, lasts over 80 years and creates sound barrier efficiency. Spray foam insulation is the first line of defense in saving energy on your home.

Myth #3: Anyone can install spray foam insulation to a house.

Trained professionals are the only ones who know how to mix the solution and apply it properly. If the spray foam insulation is not mixed correctly it can cause problems in the future for the homeowner. Spray foam insulation should only be applied by professionals.

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