How Much Does Spray Foam Cost?

One of the most common questions people ask in terms of insulation is “how much does this cost?” When asking this question, people often haven’t considered the different factors that affect the cost of spray foam. Similar to other building and construction products, quantity, labor and geographic area can influence the price. Spray foam is an investment; it’s best to compare options in what will perform as needed long term. But you also need to consider things that influence the price and how the investment will be returned long-term through savings on energy bills, the upfront cost becomes a wise investment.

We try and help our clients understand the variables that influence the price of spray foam. These include:

  • Type of Spray foam: Is your project using open-cell or closed cell spray foam? While open-cell is cheaper than closed-cell spray foam insulation, both types of spray foam have strengths and weaknesses–so just because one is cheaper, doesn’t mean it will provide you with the same results. You also need to talk to your specialist and see what the project needs.
  • Area: How many square feet of a space are you planning on spraying? It is just one section of a home or business, or does the entire, new building need to be sprayed? Obviously, the bigger the area, the more expensive the investment; however, the bigger the investment, the bigger the return on the investment is too.
  • Labor: Spray foam is not a DIY project (read our blog about why not here), and requires a certified professional to ensure it is done safely and effectively so no problems arise in the future. While adding to your peace of mind, it’s also important to add a contractor’s labor to the overall cost.


With all these factors and more, it’s important to understand that the cost of spray foam insulation can be varied; there is no set price. Each of these values change based on your location and the company you are using. While it is tempting to “put a bandaid” over your issue of insulation by going with a cheaper option, it’s important to realize the greater upfront investment will result in larger “dividends” that spray foam insulation pays back immediately. Long-term, spray foam insulation will provide a return on investment that will be appreciated. If you’ve got questions about exactly how much spray foam will cost, it’s best to call a trusted contractor, like us at MPI foam, for any of your Triangle and Wake County Spray Foam needs.

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